Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School

Eli Goldsworthy
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Date of Birth December 1993
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Relationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By Munro Chambers


Eli is voluntarily different. He likes listening to punk rock, wears mostly gothic and emo clothing, and used to drive a vintage hearse , until he purposely crashed it in an attempt to win Clare back. He has a reputation of being a schemer, and can be unpredictable at times. His trademarks are his guitar pick necklace, gothic style, and his lopsided smirk. He suffers from bipolar disorder and takes medication for it. He is best friends with Adam Torres and Fiona Coyne.

Season 1Edit

In Episode 107 Double Vision Part 1

  • He is partners with Drew for a project in Ms Oh's class
  • It is revealed that he did not like Drew before this episode
  • This episode marks the begining of the Eli-Drew friendship
  • He goes to the Dot with Drew to brainstorm ideas for the project

In Episode 108 Double Vision Part 2

  • At the begining of the episode Drew confesses his relationship with Chase to Eli
  • He gets a boner after catching a glimpse of Bianca's breasts while she bends over to pick up a poster