K.C. Gunthrie is a Junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Comunity School.

KC Gunthrie
Date of Birth 1995
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Male


Relationships TBA
Family TBA
Portrayed By Sam Earle


K.C.'s dad is currently in jail and his mom is a recovering drug addict who was recently released from jail. He used to live in a group home, but has recently moved back in with his mother. In his pre-teen years, KC's difficult background caused bad behavior including stealing cars, etc. His behavior improved once he started attending Degrassi in Grade 9. K.C. is shown to be interested in sports (basketball and football). He is vain, easily irritated and makes stupid mistakes, but is very smart (Is in the Gifted Program). He became a father when Jenna Middleton gave birth to his son,Tyson, who they eventually gave up for adoption.He is best friends with Drew Torres, Dave Turner, and also is okay friends with Connor Deslauriers.

Season 1Edit

In Episode 101 The Show Goes On Part 1

  • He walks into Degrassi with Dave and Connor
  • Even though KC and Connor did not talk at all in Grade 10, and hung out in all of Grade 9, they want to hang out more in Grade 11
  • He goes to the Dot with Dave and Connor
  • He jokes that Connor has a crush on Ms. Liberty

In Episode 103 She Doesn't Have to Know Part 1

In Episode 104 She Doesn't Have to Know Part 2

  • He is seen as a "fifth wheel" eating lunch with Drew, Katie, Dave, and Marisol.

In Episode 106 Like a Boss Part 2

  • He shows Jenna and Kelly the big ninner fight on Dave's phone
  • Kelly steals 20$ from him because she sensed that he hurt Jenna

In Episode 107 Double Vision Part 1

  • He compliments Jenna, revealing that he steal has feelings for her