Marisol Lewis is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School

Marisol Lewis
Date of Birth 1994
Place of Birth Canada
Gender Female

Student, Waitress

Relationships Dave Turner (current boyfriend)
Family Chase Lewis (younger brother)
Portrayed By Shanice Banton


Balancing school and extracurriculars with a job as a waitress, Marisol has simple tastes: fun times, good music and hot guys. Sometimes she tends to put those guys above all else—such as friendships and her own opinions. She often proves to be quite vain and rude towards anyone she claimes to have superiority over although recently she has been displaying her more sensitive side.

Season 1Edit

In Episode 101 The Show Goes On (1)

  • Marisol gives her brother, Katie, Maya, and Drew a ride to the first day of school of the 2011-2012 school year
  • She had sex with somebody during the summer of 2011
  • She flirts with Dave
  • She warns Chase not to get involved with Drew

In Episode 102 The Show Goes On (2)

  • It is discovered that she is resentful for breaking up K.C. and Jenna
  • She goes to a Justin Bieber concert with Dave
  • The End of this episode begins the Marisol-Dave relationship with them kissing

In Episode 105 Like a Boss (1)

  • She publicly apologizes for getting involved with K.C. by making Jenna the captin of the powersquad

In Episode 108 Double Vision (1)

  • She is seen holding hands with Dave, kissing him, then walking with Katie to class

In Episode 111 Friend or Foe (1)

  • Even though she is not seen in this episode, she is texting Dave in this episode