-"Watch out Jake, you might want to get tested now." Clare said. Jake runs up to Clare in his boxers. "Don't tell our parents I skipped school." Jake said. "We'll see about that." Clare said. Adam and Connor go downstairs with Clare. "So do you guys want any of the leftover pasta from last night? My mom made way to much." Clare said. "Sure." Adam says. "Clare, you seem odd since we saw Alli and Jake.." Connor is cutt off when Adam elbows him. "I think we should go back to school." Clare says.

-Ms. Libery's class is leaving the room. "Okay class don't forget to do your homework tonight.", Liberty says. Daniel comes in after the class leaves. "Ms Liberty, how did I do on the practice quiz?" Daniel asked. "Oh, yea you didn't do so well." Ms Libery says. "Really? Can I see my test." Daniel asked. "Unfortunately, no. I think you should leave Degrassi." Ms Liberty says. "Why? I thought I could improve here." Daniel replied. "BECAUSE YOU STABBED THE ONE GUY I EVER LOVED!." Ms Liberty says. "What? I didn't do....Are you failing me because of what my brother did?" Daniel says. "I have to go to a meeting, and I am not allowed to leave students alone in here so I am afraid you have to leave." Liberty says.

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