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  • Situationman

    (Gregory is sitting in the cafeteria staring at Kelly and Jenna from a distance. Gabriel walks to him.)

    Gabriel: Hey bro!

    Gregory: Yo.

    Gabriel: How are you on partying?

    Gregory: As good as I am at football. Why?

    Gabriel: This year. Halloween Party!

    Gregory: Great idea. What made you think of that?

    Gabirel: I just wanna talk a break being a smarty-pants and do something fun.

    Gregory: No wonder we get along. Tweet it.

    (Gabriel tweets the party and posts it on Facerange. They fist bump.)

    (Imogen and Fiona are walking together. Imogen looks on twitter and sees the Halloween Party post.)

    Imogen: Yay!!

    Fiona: What's with the yay?

    Imogen: The Matthews brothers are throwing a Halloween Party and a lot of people are going.

    Fiona: Are you going too?

    Imogen: You be…

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  • Situationman

    (Clare, Conner and Adam see Jake and Alli in bed together.)

    Clare: Watch out, Jake. You might want to get tested now.

    (Jake runs up to Clare in his boxers.)

    Jake: Don't tell our parents I skipped school!

    Clare: We'll see about that.

    (Clare leaves. Conner and Adam go with her.)

    Clare: So, do you guys want some of my leftover pasta from last night? My mom made way to much.

    Adam: Sure.

    Conner: Clare, you seem odd since we saw Alli and Jake...

    (Adam cuts him off by elbowing his arm.)

    Clare: I think we should go back to school.

    (They go back to school.)

    (Ms. Liberty's class is leaving the room.)

    Ms. Liberty: Okay class! Don't forget to do your homework tonight.

    (Daniel comes in after the class leaves.)

    Daniel: Hey Ms. Liberty, how did I do on the practice qui…

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